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Fon The GodMan Africa French Version

Created by OneHope, the GodMan is a live-action, animated re-telling of the story of Christ’s life, innovatively sharing God’s Word with children who can’t read or in places where gospel…

French (France) 17 Stories Teacher's Manual

The God’s Big Story (17 Stories) Teacher's Manual edition of the Book of Hope was designed to support teachers who are using the God's Big Story (17 Stories) cards. Each lesson introduces the cards…

French 17 Stories Training 01 – Welcome

Welcome to the 17 Stories training course! Each of the following videos explains the key parts of the 17 Stories programme step-by-step. This video gives an introduction to the 17 Stories training…

French 17 Stories Training 02 – Value of Children

Children are important to God. This video highlights what the Bible has to say about children and the need to share God’s Word with them.

French 17 Stories Training 03 – Programme Overview

Description of the 17 Stories Course including programme goals, teaching preparations, and scheduling considerations.

French 17 Stories Training 04 – Teacher's Manual (African European Oceania Edition)

An explanation of the 17 Stories Teacher's Manual. It highlights the different sections of the manual and how to effectively implement the lesson elements.

French 17 Stories Training 05 – Card Set (African European Oceania Edition)

Description of the 17 Stories card set including tips on how to effectively use them. It is also a good resource in introducing the 17 Stories programme to others. This video depicts the 16-piece card…

French 17 Stories Training 06 – God's Big Story (African European Oceania Edition)

From creation to today, God deeply desires to have a relationship with us. This video highlights the key stories represented in God's Big Story (the picture on the back of the card set-the 17th…

French 17 Stories Training 07 – Hand Motions (African European Oceania Edition)

Hand motions are a fun way to remember stories. This video includes hand motions and short phrases to help remember the 16 stories that make up the 17 Stories card set being used in Africa, Europe,…

French 17 Stories Training 08 – Storytelling Tips

Everyone loves a good story. This video highlights a few key ways to make the story come alive for the children and how to involve them in telling the story.

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