A Christmas Gift for Rajiv

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Eleven-year-old Rajiv loves to read, but in the small rural village of India where he lives, books are hardly ever available to him. His family is Buddhist, but one day Rajiv’s sister brought home an interesting book called The Story of Christmas.

Rajiv eagerly read the book and was captivated by the story of Jesus Christ. He read the book over and over, amazed to learn about God’s grace, the life of Christ, and the promise of eternal life. Through the book, Rajiv realized he was a sinner and asked God for forgiveness.

Rajiv has gained a passion to tell others about his new favorite book — God’s Word! He has shared the Good News with many of his friends, most of whom have also come to know Christ!

Thank you for reaching out to Rajiv with the best Christmas gift he could have ever received!
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