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Melia’s family lives in Peru’s rural Andes, making a living farming crops and raising cattle. Their life is simple, and it never seemed like there would be anything more for them. Until Melia and her younger sister Margot started attending Bible meetings at a local missionary’s home.

They watched The Godman film in their native language, Quechua, and received the Storying Edition Book of Hope that goes with it. Both girls were fascinated by the film of Christ’s life and stayed late to watch every minute. They returned for several consecutive nights to re-watch the film again and again.

Their parents did not like what was happening, and did not want their daughters to be learning about God. They beat Melia and Margot and locked them in their bedroom so they could not go to the meetings.

But the girls had a passion to learn more about Jesus, and nothing could stop them. When they could, they would escape and run to the missionary’s home for the meetings. Led by the Lord, the missionary went to speak with the girls’ parents, and they finally agreed to listen. After hearing the Gospel message, Melia and Margot’s parents miraculously accepted Christ!

Today they all attend services together in the missionary’s home and are growing in God together.
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