Jean Alexis Always Felt So Alone

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    God's Big Story (17 Stories)
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    Africa Southern Region
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His father passed away, leaving just his mother to provide for 13-year-old Jean Alexis and his six siblings. The family lives in the slums in a city in Madagascar — a physically and socially unhealthy environment for children.

All around him, other teens were using drugs, swearing, and acting violently as part of their normal behavior. Filled with emotional pain over the loss of his father, and bitterness at his family’s poverty, Jean Alexis fell in with the crowd.

Things grew worse when he had to quit school because his mother could not afford the school fees for all of her children. Jean Alexis believed there was no hope for him. He acted out viciously toward others, but in private, he cried alone.

With nothing to do, Jean Alexis joined a local kids club that uses the God’s Big Story program. He enjoyed each Bible story, and was most of all captivated when the teacher told him that God is our Heavenly Father and watches over us. Jean Alexis realized he is not alone, and instead of taking out his pain on others, he can bring his struggles to Christ.

Today, Jean Alexis’s life has changed in big ways, and everyone has noticed. He is learning to treat others well, and is starting to make friends. He is praying that he will be able to resume his studies one day, and find a good job to be able to help his mom provide for the needs of their family.

Please join us in praying for Jean Alexis, and the many children like him around the world who need to know that God loves them and they are not alone.
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