Bambara The GodMan African Version

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    Primary, Primary-Upper, Teen, Teen-Lower
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    Africa Francophone Region
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Created by OneHope, the GodMan is a live-action, animated re-telling of the story of Christ’s life, innovatively sharing God’s Word with children who can’t read or in places where gospel literature can’t go. The GodMan is contextualized with live-action ‘wraps’ that bookend the animated story to address the heartfelt needs of the region. The story line in the African Version involves three children who accidentally break several dishes in a store. A kind man named Eze steps in, paying for and cleaning up the dishes they broke. After the children express their desire to have a father like him, Eze explains that they already do and shares with them about their Heavenly Father. The heartfelt need addressed is the longing for a strong, loving father.
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