Spanish The GodMan Latin American Version

  • Age

    Primary, Primary-Upper, Teen, Teen-Lower
  • Program

  • Type

  • Region

    Latin America Region
  • Country

    Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela
  • Language

Created by OneHope, the GodMan is a live-action, animated re-telling of the story of Christ’s life, innovatively sharing God’s Word with children who can’t read or in places where gospel literature can’t go. The GodMan is contextualized with live-action ‘wraps’ that bookend the animated story to address the heartfelt needs of the region. The story line in the Latin America Version involves a young boy from a broken home who is anxious to get on the town’s football (soccer) team to prove his own self worth and value. Meanwhile, a bully also trying out for the team humiliates him, which leads to the bully’s girlfriend wanting to leave him. These two stories of the younger boy trying out and the bully’s girlfriend intersect as a wise coach tells them the story of Jesus and how his love for us is not dependent on approval of others or a romantic relationship.
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